1. Hunting dates are considered booked only after the reservation in writing (e-mail) and the receipt on the advanced payment made (if required), based on the invoice.
Unless the client makes the advanced payment, within the deadline as stated in the perform invoice, it will be considered to quit the reservation of the requested dates and game for hunting.

2. Reservation shall include: Name and surname of each hunters, Passport No., Place and date of birth, type of hunting, period of hunting days, type of accommodation, date, place and time of arrival (car or airplane), weapon details (type, serial number,
caliber) and contact.

3. Prior to the entry to the hunting grounds, each hunter shall carry following valid identification papers: passport, hunting license as well as the permit to carry weapons.

4. Agency may require deposit payment (from 10 to 50 %) to confirm your booking.

5. If the booked hunting is cancelled by hunters within the period that is longer than 60 days, only administrative cost of advance payment is charged (bank transfer costs,) and if it is cancelled within the period of less than 60 days, the advance payment is retained.

6. The pricelist in EUR presents only the approximate prices. The only valid pricelist is the one in national currency (RSD) (1 € ). The RSD exchange rate is subject to constant changes. The hunt is charged in dinars (RSD) and if the invoice is paid by remittance from abroad, the calculation is made based on re-calculation of dinar prices in EUR according to the official exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the date of invoice issuing.

7. Trophies will be provided with a trophy certificate. Trophies are calculated according to weight or length.

8. The hunting is organized pursuant to the legal provisions, i.e. currently valid hunting calendar of the Republic of Serbia. A tourist-hunter can shoot the selected big game only after permission of the professional hunting guide – game warden.

9. For the temporary import of hunting rifles you need to have a permission issued by your police for being eligible to bring hunting weapons into Serbia as well as the invitation issued by the organizer, which must contain all data about the weapons. Tax on weapon of cca 35 EUR must be paid at the customs by each hunter. One tourist-hunter shall be allowed to temporarily import maximum two hunting rifles of different calibres, the maximum of 200 ammunition pieces, i.e. 40 rounds of carbine ammunition to Serbia. If the tourist-hunter arrives by plane, the assistance of the guide-interpreter or organizers representative is requested at the border crossing.

10. Hunting Dogs. If tourist-hunters takes into the country up to 3 hounds, each hound must have its own passport. The hunter must provide the veterinary certificate on examination of the animals before the trip.

11. All instructions and decisions given by stalkers and gamekeepers are final. Failure to comply with such instructions or decisions may result in the cancellation of the booking with no right to a refund or compensation.

12. Agency reserves the right to cancel any hunting with a full refund given for all costs.

13. Agency do not accept corporate responsibility for any injury or death or any accident that can happen on any shooting ground that we promote.

14. Agency takes responsibility for your time, giving its best efforts to provide you memorable hunting holidays. We are very happy to receive testimonials and recommendations from our many happy clients from all over the Europe.

15. A tourist-hunter shall receive the shot game trophy. When hunting without trophy, the tourist-hunter shall pay the shooting price. The trophy price, as well as the shooting price, shall not include the shot game meat that is (if the tourist- hunter wants to take
it) additionally calculated in  (in roe-deer, red-deer, fallow and mouflon game weight without head, entrails and legs, and in wild boar game without entrails) according to the Price-list of the big game meat

16. Weight of trophy is acquired from the weight of the trophy with whole skull and the upper jaw, without cutting within the 24 hours after boiling (in roe deer 90 gr shall be deducted).


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