Short introduction to Serbia hunting

Hunting grounds in Serbia cover around 96% of the country’s total area.

Apart from settlements, historical structure sites, industrial centers and transportation routes, hunting is allowed in almost all other parts of Serbia.

Hunting areas are established on the entire territory of Serbia in order to implement a unified hunting policy and appropriate measures for protection and nurturing. 



Hunting grounds are also used by approximately 80,000 Serbian hunters, which is around 1% of the total population.

Almost 80% of hunting grounds are managed by hunting clubs. Average size of hunting ground in Serbia is 22,000 ha which are established as open range or fenced.

Hunting clubs are organizations that manage most hunting ground areas in Serbia. First founded in late 19th century are considered as the first forms of hunting management in Serbia.

Biggest hunting clubs have over a thousand members. Most prominent are mainly in Northern Serbia – Vojvodina, that have
long tradition and developed hunting tourism.